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We offer three methods of obtaining a cover to suit your budget.



FULL CUSTOMS: $200-250

Purchased through the webshop or direct.

Suitable if you see a cover you intend to write your story around, or if you are in a hurry to cover your story.  

One (1) Revision round.

Free titling change.

Payable up front.

Section 2 onwards of Shop's T&Cs

Contact us with your idea. We design a concept cover and you get first option. If it's not to your preference we make it available as a Premade cover.

Suitable if you are wanting a custom cover and are not on a schedule.  

Two (2) Revision rounds.

Payable if you decide to take the cover after it is presented for first time.

Section 2 onwards of Full T&Cs

The design service is entirely focused on your cover. Please choose one of the Custom Packages available.

Suitable if you have something very specific in mind, have a longer term publishing schedule, or are working on a series.

Unlimited Revision rounds.

Booked and Payable up front

Section 3 onwards of Full T&Cs