Sales of renders are non-refundable digital and non-tangible goods; therefore it is imperative that the Customer checks the cart items before purchase. The customer acquires the right to use images under specific conditions and not the ownership of the original images.

The Designer grants the Customer, non-exclusive world-wide rights to use the stock images for any personal or commercial projects, without restriction as to type of project or number of items printed.

The Customer MAY:

The Customer MAY NOT:


Premade covers are available on a first come, first served basis and sales are final at point of purchase.


Pricing for premade designs are advertised with the cover. The Designer reserves the right to provide a price differing from what was quoted, whether it be higher or lower - such as during a sale or with added extras.


A once off revision will address text changes, and a small modification MAY be allowed. If the cover is intended for a series more leeway for change is permitted to provide a more holistic series.  Additional revision rounds will incur additional fees and will always be discussed with the Customer first. These fees are dependant if they are considered minor or major and to what complexity


The Designer will obtain proper rights and/or licencing for images/fonts used in the creation of your design.

The Designer will provide references/links to stock imagery or fonts used that are not public domain.

The Designer is not responsible for maintaining any stock or font service accounts past the delivery of the Customer’s project.

The Designer acknowledges that they have no legal rights or claims to the written work or content therein even if inspired by the Designer’s concept. In fact, we would be honoured.

The Customer is responsible for adhering to the licencing of the stock images which are sourced from DepositPhotos.com

The Customer may not edit, reuse, or change the final design in any way, without written consent from the Designer.

The Customer understands that the design provided may contain a STANDARD licenced stock image. Should the Customer require an extended licence they should obtain such, as and when it is needed.


It is not mandatory but appreciated if you would credit the Designer somewhere within the book, such as on the copyright page, or on the back cover itself, with a link. “Cover Design by StarLoveNova www.starlovenova.com


The listed prices do not give the customers access to the working files (.PSD or .AFPHOTO) used to create the cover. We are unable to do this due to copyright reasons and licensing restrictions on stock photos, elements, overlays and/or fonts used. If the Customer feels they need the flattened artwork, this can be supplied for an additional fee.


The Designer retains the copyrights to the all the artwork, and concepts, completed or not (similar to buying a painting: you own the painting and can display it however you wish but the artist retains the copyright). The Designer retains the right to display the work in her portfolio(s), on social media, or as a printed work for promotional purposes.

 The Customer has the exclusive license to display and use the final cover design (.pdf, .jpg, .png, or other publishing-ready format) for their book cover and associated promotional materials. The Customer does not have the rights to any other designs or concepts presented to them during the design process unless they purchase such.

The Customer is responsible for following the licensing rules of the images and fonts used. The customer may request proof of purchase, or location of where sourced imagery was obtained.  The references to the stock will be provided with the final file. The Designer is not liable for the Customer’s misuse. Please see section on INFORMATION OF STOCK IMAGES below.

You may not use the Designer’s work, in whole or in part, or as part of a derivative work, to create or sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of any kind.

For more information on copyright transfer regarding book covers, please see this article for further explanation.


Clients may not, without prior consent from the Designer, "cut out" sections of their covers for use on future covers or other work unrelated to the book it was designed for.


In order to conclude a sale, your billing details will be shared with PayPal or whichever billing system we operate to conclude your purchase. Information supplied via this website or via emails will never be intentionally sold or supplied to outside (3rd-party) sources for purposes of marketing. Your details will be added to the Designer’s database for the purpose of communication, payment, general account management needs, and other opt-out communication from the Designer (eg. newsletters, sales notifications, etc.)


The Designer guarantees to keep all working files for three (3) years. Should a file become lost or damaged within this period, the Designer will recreate the file at no cost to the client. After this period, the files may still be contained on the Designer’s system, but there is no guarantee.


The Designer reserves the right to display the Customer’s finished custom designed cover in their portfolio and on social media sites, however, this is subject to the Customer’s public reveal, or six (6) month hold, whichever comes first.

The Designer reserves the right to display any version of the cover that was created during the process if they feel it is a better representation of their skills and work than the final product.

The Designer reserves the right to take any discarded concepts that differ substantially from the final product and reuse them at a later time, either for another client or as a premade cover.

If the cover is a premade cover, the version depicting the author’s details will be held for three (3) months or until the Customer’s public reveal, whichever comes first. The initial premade version, before purchased by the customer, will have no restrictions as it would have already been made publicly available.


All stock images will be purchased under the Standard License from DepositPhotos.com. Images requested by the Customer from premium stock sites (such as ShutterStock.com, Neo-stock.com, etc.) can also be discussed.

A Standard License permits use on eBook and print book covers, as well as promotional materials such as business cards or bookmarks (which fall under the "unusual size business card" category, and must contain promotional information, not just artwork). Standard Licenses DO NOT COVER things such as physical products i.e. mugs, t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, etc. intended for resale and distribution. The Customer will need to purchase an Extended License for this usage.

A Standard License covers printed books up to a total of 500,000 units printed. If the Customer finds their sales exceed that number, an extended license will need to be purchased. The Designer will provide references/links to any and all stock images used.

The Customer is responsible for following the licensing terms of all stock photography. The Designer is not liable for the Customer’s misuse.

To familiarise yourself with our stock licencing, please visit: https://depositphotos.com/license-comparison.html


The Customer may not under any circumstances resell the cover designed for them unless agreed to by the Designer.

The Customer must make it known to the purchaser that there may be a re-titling fee.

The Customer must provide the Designer with the details of whom they are selling the cover to.

If the cover is more than three (3) years old the Designer does not guarantee that the cover files are still on the system.

If the cover files are still on the system there will only be a re-titling fee, if not the cover will need to be completely redone for the going price of a premade. (The cover will be similar, but not exact)

The new owner must agree to our Terms and Conditions as they are treated as if they commissioned the work to begin with.

If you have any question(s), please be so kind as to email us so that we may clarify for you before you make the purchase.

Thank you!